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Finally got time to continue developing Push Contacts. I’ve gotten a nerve-wrecking problem while developing with C2DM applications. When the app supposed to get the push message, it didn’t respond to it. Looking at the logs I encountered an error stack related to GTalk (with TalkProvider tag). Decided to google the problem and the solution was to sign out of GTalk on the phone.

Ok now a tip related to Google App Engine development. I just added a new feature to Push Contacts which is allowing users to reply to the latest SMS received. I had to retrieve the email of the user the bot is chatting with to find which phone number to send the SMS to. Took a look at source code and decided to use xmpp_handlers.CommandHandler. Used this method text_message(self, message) and message.sender supposed to return the sender of a message but instead it returned an IM formatted string. Here is how you can retrieve the email.

class XMPPHandler(xmpp_handlers.CommandHandler):
    def text_message(self, message):
        idx  = message.sender.index('/')
        user = message.sender[0:idx]